Hang The DJHang The DJ

The Spotify
powered jukebox
for your party

How it works

  1. Create an event and add some songs

    When you create an event, a playlist will be added to your Spotify account. You can start adding music to play on the night.

  2. Stick the posters up at your venue

    We'll give you some posters to stick up at your venue.

    The posters have a QR code that can be scanned with the normal camera on either Android or Apple phones.

    Pick songs from your own phone
  3. Guests add songs from their phones

    On the night of your party, plug your phone or computer into the sound system, open Spotify and start your playlist.

    The party go-ers can point their phone at your posters, search for songs and add them to the playlist.

    Pick songs from your own phone

Connect with Spotify to get started

You need a Spotify account to set up your jukebox. Your guests won't though.

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